Who we are

Restaurant “O Caniço” is managed by the Company E.R.S. – Exploração de Restaurantes e Similares Unipessoal, which is the entity in charge with your personal data treatment obtained via this website, or directly provided by our clients at the contact for a reservation or at the restaurant, as well by filling in contact or suggestion forms. The entity in charge may be contacted through the following e-mail address: pd@canicorestaurante.com


Which personal data are collected and how are the data collected

As established by the Data Protection General Regulation Personal Data (GDPR) is any information regarding an individual identified or identifiable, and an identifiable individual will be considered anyone that can be identified directly or indirectly, namely by reference to an identification number or one or more specific elements of his/hers physical, physiological, psychological economic, cultural or social identity.


The personal data are collected and treated by E.R.S. – Exploração de Restaurantes e Similares Unipessoal, only when we are directly contacted by our clients, being by the filling of the contact or suggestion forms of this website or at the restaurant, by telephone contact, e-mail contact, to table reservation, at the restaurant or for events, estimates requests or any other contact from the client’s initiative.


The collected data are the essential data to allow the table reservation, an event reservation, an estimate for an event, contact of the client at his/hers request, as well as to guaranty the best assistance and answer to your requests and needs, in view of providing the best service. The data include the client’s name, telephone contact, e-mail address, fiscal identification number, payment method, number of guests in case of a table reservation, and for events the type of service intended, number of guests, and other information that may be necessary or convenient from the client’s point of view or the required service.


What is the purpose of the collected data and how can they be used?


The data is collected within the context of preparation and execution of rendering services contracts between E.R.S. – Exploração de Restaurantes e Similares Unipessoal and its clients and are processed in comply with the contractual obligations and the applicable Law.


In case your consent should be requested and granted for a different use of your data, that data will be stored and treated accordingly the scope of the data use consent statement. It is the case of consent granted for promotional purposes use (such as events invitation, promotions, marketing).


The personal data which we collect will be computer processed and stored in databases, in strict compliance with the Law in force regarding the data protection and rules regarding information security.


We make server level encrypted backups, within parameters that allow data retrieving in case of cyber-attack, programming errors, wrongful use of IT or accidental deletion.


The personal data that you provided will be stored within the European Union and may be transferred to outsider the European Union only to countries with the same level of protection required by the rules in force.


With whom your data is shared and from which third parties we receive data?

We do not share your data with third parties and we do not receive data from third parties.



The owner of the data consents that E.R.S Lda, within the scope of its activity may use a Processor Entity that will treat your data on our behalf, what implies the treatment by a different entity of such data.


When it happens, we take the adequate measures to assure that those Processors, sometimes part of a Company Group, give sufficient and adequate guaranties to the execution of technical and organization measures and that they will act only according to our instructions.

Time of personal data storage

The duration in which the data will be kept and stored varies according the purpose of the information treatment. There are legal requirements that imply the conservation of certain data for a minimum period.


If there is not a legal conservation deadline, the data will be kept and stored only for the minimum necessary period according to the purposes that motivated its collection and treatment, after what the data will be eliminated of our database.


The personal data provided, with your consent, for promotional and marketing purposes, will be maintained up until the moment when the data subject asks its deletion, or when the data does no longer serve the purposes it was provided for.


Your Rights regarding Personal Data

We assure your rights of:


Right of Access – you are entitled to ask us, namely, confirmation whether your personal data is being treated, and access to your data, accordingly article 15, of the GDPR.

Correction – you are entitled without unjustified delay, to correct your inexact personal data and as well to complete personal data that may be incomplete.

Right to be Forgotten – you are entitled, in certain cases to request the deletion of your data from our database without unjustified delay.

Right of Opposition – you are entitled to oppose to certain types of data treatment, such as treatment for direct trading.

Right to Data Portability – you are entitled to have your data transferred to other organization, or to receive the data on a commonly use and machine readable format.

Right to Limited Treatment – when you wish, namely to contest the adequacy of your data, within a period that allows us to verify it.


If you wish to uphold your rights, please send an e-mail to pd@canicorestaurante.com. A form will be sent to you which will allow you to uphold your rights as a personal data subject. Fill out its fields and send it to the above e-mail. Once the form is received E.R.S Lda assures you it will guaranty your rights within the legal deadline.


The information and communication will be sent free of charge.

Please note that however, if the requests by the personal data subjects are obviously unfounded or excessive, namely if they are unreasonably repetitive, we may according to the General Data Protection Regulation:

  1. a) Demand the payment of a reasonable charge according to the administrative costs of the information providing, communication, or the requested measures;


  1. b) Refuse to follow up on the request, in which case we will prove the request is obviously unfounded or excessive.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This may include a simple popup, or a connection to several services that we provide, such as forums.


Additionally, we use third party publicity in our website to support maintenance costs. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies and/or web beacons when they advertise in our website, what will make that those advertisers (such as Google through Google AdSense) may as well receive our personal information, such as your IP address, your ISP, your browser, etc. This function is usually used to geotargeting (showing adds within Lisbon to readers from Lisbon, for example) or show advertisements directed to a type of user (as showing restaurant publicity to a user that visits cooking sites regularly).


You are able to disconnect your cookies, on your browser options, or making changes on the Anti-Virus programmes tools, such as Norton Internet Security. However, that may change the way you will interact with our website or other websites. It may affect or prevent you from making log-in on programmes, websites, or forums of our or other nets.

Who may I contact in case of doubt?

If you have any query, or doubt, on how we collect and treat your personal data, you may contact pd@canicorestaurante.com

Policy Revision

We reserve our right to change without prior notice the contents of this privacy policy, without prejudice of informing on our platform whenever it happens.